Kinder Math Program

Matheory Kinder Math is a systematic individualized learning program for K1 to K3 students. It develops children's problem-solving skills and independent thinking through the enjoyment of mathematics. Our program builds a strong foundation of math knowledge which gradually grows into more advanced theory and applications. We aim to develop children's interest and motivation in learning mathematics through solving practical problems in real-life situations. This allows children to fully understand and master the required mathematical concepts in a progressive manner. 


Learning of mathematical concepts should be in line with children's cognitive development and experimenting with objects can help reinforce the concepts in children. To cater to children’s development and thinking ability, our teachers assist children to understand basic mathematical language step by step and foster their sensitivity to numbers and space. We use mathematical concepts to discuss with children about the things they encounter in their everyday life and encourage children to communicate among themselves.


Kinder Math Program includes two parts which are:

Calculation Math builds a foundation of mathematics concepts. It enables children to cover the study topics such as numbers and counting, arithmetic, shapes, measurement, fraction, data analysis and problem solving.

Logical Thinking Math focuses on more advanced concepts and application. It enables children to develop depth perception and reasoning skills such as geometry, matching and relationships, patterns, dissecting shapes, and overlapped figures.


Diagnostic Assessment

A student’s first step into the Matheory Kinder Math Program is the diagnostic assessment. The diagnostic test will provide insight into the student’s ability and learning needs. We design a student’s learning plan based on their personal strengths and weaknesses. Assessment can reflect children's performance on learning and development, and provide children with positive feedback, helping them to identify the areas for improvement.