Vision and Mission

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Matheory Learning Center is dedicated to inspiring thinking and cultivating student' s confidence in learning mathematics. We believe that each child has unlimited potential. By providing thoughtful nurturing and guidance, their infinite potential will be unleashed.


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Matheory Learning Center provides innovative and tailor-made curriculum to help students improve their skills in Mathematics. The program is based on the demands of modern education, where creative thinking and full understanding are the focus. Using a discovery-based approach and spiral approach where students make sense of concepts and facts through exploration and engaging manipulative tools and materials provided, the students can develop enthusiasm in a fun-filled environment.



Program Introduction

Jelic Program
Target: 3 to 6 years old
Version: International
Class Size: Individually manipulate Jelic boxes and guidance from teachers


Kinder Math Program
Target: 3 to 6 years old
Version: English
Class Size: 1 to 4 students


Primary Math Program
Target: P1 to P6 or G1 to G6
Version: English and Chinese
Class Size: 1 to 4 students